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Erus Boracay Hotel is Located 5 minutes from Boracay Island Beach. With its striking unique architecture, world class restaurant and pool.

Erus Hotel is Located on the beautiful Island of Boracay. Boracay Beaches are famous worldwide. Erus Hotel stands unparalleled in beauty and service in the entire island.

Erus Suites Erus Boracay Hotel, which is now open with 22 rooms , is located right at the heart of station 3 in the beautiful Island of Boracay. This Boracay Hotel is a modern Asian inspiration, captivating architecture and top quality service greeting guests right at the doorstep, this Hotel is poised to become one of the crowning jewels of Boracay Island!

“We want our guests to feel at the home the first time they set foot at the lobby of our Boracay Island Hotel.”

Boracay Island beach, Philippines

said the hotel’s interior designer Sheila Solon. What will make the hotel stand out from other hotels in Boracay is how each room was meticulously created to be unique to fit the different personalities of each guest.

Erus Boracay Hotel, Boracay Island, allows you to relax and luxuriate within its 22 world-class hotel accommodations and world class service that promises an unparalleled experience.

Enjoy the beauty of Boracay from beautifully designed rooms that evoke elegance and comfort at the same time. Wine and dine yourself in style in our restaurant that's sure to satisfy your palate.

The Hotel Accommodations are also specifically designed to cater to diverse interests and personalities of the guests like the “modern retro” room for the young and hip who want stimulating colors and designs to pump up their day.
There is also the “modern classical” room, a feminine, relaxed enclave for the more mature guests out to have a peaceful and relaxing time in Boracay.

For the people who like to live on the edge and the extreme. There is a modern pop room. The modern baroque and the modern, country are designed for different kinds of guests.

“We don’t want our guests just staying at the same kind of box. We want them to feel special,” Solon added.

To cap it all off, Erus Suites Hotel has its published rate starting at P3,500 including breakfast for two people – completing what should be one of the best deals in Boracay to date.

Or take a swim in the sparkling waters of our magnificently-designed swimming pool.

These are just a few of the things waiting to help you ease into a state of peace and luxury on Boracay. So come and experience a world-class vacation with the beat rooms, dining and service that  Boracay has to offer, that promises you an experience like no other

This Boracay Hotel has Free WiFi Internet in Boracay

We also offer Free High Speed WiFi Internet to all our valued guests!.

Come see why Erus Boracay Hotel and Restaurant, Boracay, Philippines will be the best choice for your next vacation destination!

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