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Recommended Boracay Tours
There is only one way to tour Boracay

Erus Hotel!

We offer Daily Tours of Boracay!

tours: White Beach, the island's celebrated four-kilometer stretch of fine, powdery white sand.

Erus is one of the best hotels around boat station 3, start the day with a visit to the Live Coral Beds at the beach's southernmost tip. At low tide, you can observe myriad species of colorful coral and other fascinating forms of marine life that thrive in the warm tropical waters.

From there, turn back and proceed northward, on either White Beach or White Beach Path, which runs alongside the beach. If you wish to commune with nature, stick to the former and revel in the softness of the white sand under your feet, the soothing hues of the azure sea on your eyes, the caress of a cooling breeze on your face, and the delightful thought that this is your first day in paradise.

If, however, you prefer to communicate with your fellow visitors and plunge into the thick of beach life, then head for White Beach Path. You could start your search for someone to take you into the deep by dropping in at White Beach Divers, though as you move along you will find there are many more of these diving outlets around. The local office of Asian Spirit is also here, so if you need to confirm your flight back to Manila, now is the time to get that little task out of the way.

As you proceed, you will come across spots of activity that are palpably higher than Boracay's usual laid-back atmosphere. The local markets, remnants of the larger but now burnt-to-the-ground Talipapa market, house stalls and shops selling clothing, jewelry, food, diving equipment, knick-knacks and anything else that tourists will buy, which is quite a bit. Take a few moments to wander through and see if anything catches your eye, but don't get too distracted from your tour.

If you can resist the temptation of the markets, then head back to White Beach Path. An outlet of the English Bakery (there are three on the island) offers real English tea and other refreshments to help you catch your breath. Or you could find refuge at the nearby Tourist Center and obtain some postcards, stamps, bottled mineral water and various necessities, or inquire about marine tours around Boracay and to other islands. Alice in Wonderland, a popular 24-hour eatery next door, operates Alice in Wonderland Internet Café, where you could drop in for a quick surf online or to check your e-mail.

Having lingered in some of those places, At Mango-Ray Bar & Restaurant you can divert yourself with a game of chess or backgammon (the table tops are designed as game boards) while waiting to be served. All three restaurants are located around boat station 2, as is Victory Divers, one of the bigger dive shops.

You will pass many more shops, bars, and diving centers, plus a new mini-mall, before White Beach Path terminates around the Spanish restaurant El Toro and boat station 1. You may then continue your tour by either proceeding on White Beach or going up to Boracay Main Road. Beachcomber Bar & Disco and Cocomangas Shooter Bar, also popular nightspots, adjoin each other on the main road. On the other hand, if you carry on along White Beach, you will come to several beachfront cafés such as Jony's Restaurant and Wahine Beach Bar. All these places are recommended stopovers for enjoying some further refreshments, taking temporary shelter from the sun, or just lazing around. The waiters are invariably friendly and will leave you to enjoy your one order of mango or pineapple shake for as long as you like.

Sunsets are one of Boracay's glories. There is probably no better place for a sundowner than a thatched-roof cabana on White Beach. In the lingering afterglow of the setting sun, just think of it: When the sun rises again, it will be heralding another day in paradise.

Getting To Boracay:

By Air:
To get to Boracay, it is easiest to travel through Manila and transfer to a flight to the Caticlan Malay Airport (MPH) or the Kalibo Airport (KLO).

Manila International Airport (MIAA) (Pascay City 1300, Manila, The Philippines; +1 02 877 1109;; info@miaa.gov.ph) provides regional service and houses the following airlines:
Air France (+1 02 831 2226; http://www.airfrance.com 
Air Niugini (+1 02 831 4738; http://www.airniugini.com.pg
Asian Airlines (+1 02 891 6126; http://www.flyasiana.com
British Airways (+1 02 831 7131; http://www.britishairways.com
Cathay Pacific (+1 02 931 1492; http://www.cathaypacific.com
China Airlines (+1 02 931 1492; http://www.china-airlines.com
China Southern Airlines (+1 02 832 3008; http://www.cs-air.com
Continental Air (+1 02 833 2588; http://www.continental.com
Egypt Airlines (+1 02 831 0661; http://www.egyptair.com
Emirates Airlines (+1 02 832 5350; http://www.emirates.com
Eva Airlines (+1 02 801 0438; http://www.evaair.com
Gulf Airlines (+1 02 831 9655; http://www.gulfairco.com
Japan Air (+1 02 831 0718; http://www.japanair.com
KLM Airlines (+1 02 832 1756; http://www.klm.com
Korean Airlines (+1 02 832 5974; http://www.koreanair.com
Kuwait Airways (+1 02 831 3664; http://www.kuwait-airways.com
Lufthansa Airlines (+1 02 831 4871; http://www.lufthansa.com
Malaysia Airlines (+1 02 831 0709; http://www.malaysiaairlines.com
Northwest Orient (+1 02 831 4817; http://www.northwestorient.com
Pakistan International Airlines (+1 02 832 2973; http://www.piac.com
Quantas Airways (+1 02 832 2978; http://www.quantas.com
Royal Brunei Airlines (+1 02 817 1631; http://www.bruneiair.com
Saudi Arabian Airlines (+1 02 833 2753; http://www.saudiairlines.com
Singaporean Airlines (+1 02 831 0849; http://www.singaporeanairlines.com
Swiss Airlines (+1 02 934 0849; http://www.swiss.com
Thai Airways (+1 02 832 5349; http://www.thaiair.com
Vietnam Airlines (+1 02 816 4865; http://www.vietnamair.com

Airlines serving Caticlan Malay Airport include:
Asian Spirit (http://www.asianspirit.com
South East Asian Airlines (+63 2 884 1521; http://www.flyseair.com

Airlines serving Kalibo Airport include:
Philippine Airlines (+1 800 I FLY PAL (+1 800 4 359 725); http://www.philippineair.com
Cebu Pacific (+ 63 2 636 4938; http://www.cebupacificair.com

From the Caticlan or Kalibo Airports, take a Banca (motorized outrigger boat) which transports passengers to one of the three boat stations on Boracay Island. Make sure you wear clothes that you do not care about because it can get really wet on the bancas, especially with monsoon winds blowing.

By Sea:
Boracay is served by 3 ports: New Washington, Dumaguit and Batan, Aklan. To travel to Boracay from Manila, take MBRS Shipping lines (+63 243 5888). Their ships depart from the Manila North Harbor and the trip takes about 12 hours. From Manila to Dumaguit, (a half hour east of Kalibo) take the WG&A Philippines Supper Ferry http://www.superferry.com.ph or Negros Navigation http://www.negrosnavigation.ph

By Bus:
You can take a bus from Kalibo to Caticlan via Southwest Tours, Boracay Star Express and 7107 Island Tours. All 3 companies offer air-conditioned buses or coasters and include a boat transfer from Caticlan to one of Boracay's boat stations. You can also reach Caticlan via mini-vans, which are less expensive, but they don't provide boat service to Boracay. The journey is approximately 1.5 hours. The Boracay Visitor Center (+63 2 890 89 02; http://www.touristcenter.com.ph can provide more information.

By Car:
You can reach Caticlan by car or bus via the Strong Republic Nautical Highway, which provides access from Batangas, Luzon, Cagayan de Oro and Mindanao. You can also take a Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) vessel provided by Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc. (+63 043 723 7975/ +63 043 723 7598) which departs daily from Batangas and takes you to Calapan, Mindoro. From there you can either drive a car or take a mini-van or air-conditioned bus to Roxas, Mindoro, where another RoRo vessel will take you to Caticlan. You can leave your car at a secured parking lot for a fee. Cars are not permitted on Boracay Island.

Getting Around and getting to Erus Hotel:

By Car:
No cars are allowed on the island, so it is impossible to get around in your vehicle.

Public Transportation:
On Boracay Island, public transportation consists of tricycles, which are motorbikes with a sidecar. You can rent tricycles for island trips via the Tricycle Association. You can also tour the island via mountain bikes and motorbikes, which can be rented at several places in Boracay. However, be aware that motorbikes are prohibited at the White Beach and the beach path. Contact the Boracay Visitor Center +63 2 890 89 02; http://www.touristcenter.com.ph for more information.

By Foot:
Another great way to tour the island is on foot, especially the White Beach, one of the few naturally produced white sand beaches in the world. However, Boracay tourists should not take bottles or jars of the white sand as souvenirs, since numerous biological and aquatic studies have proven that this is significantly depleting the white sand which has taken nature over 40,000 years to create.

Facts About Boracay

City: Boracay
Country: Philippines

Boracay by the Numbers:
Population: 12,000 residents; 22,000 visitors per month
Elevation: 69 feet
Average Annual Rainfall: 80 inches
Average Summer Temperature: 94 degrees F
Average Winter Temperature: 88 degrees F

Quick Facts:
Major industries: Tourism
Time Zone: GMT + 8
Country Dialing Code: +63

Did You Know?
Boracay is frequently listed as one of the top ten best beaches in the world and has been for decades, but international travelers rarely visit it due to the difficult journey to the island. Therefore Boracay has avoided the "tourist trap" atmosphere that affects many Asian tourist destinations.

Boracay is a small tropical island in the Aklan province, located about 200 km south of Manila


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